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FTM Mastectomy Procedures

What is a Double Incision Mastectomy?

Double Incision Mastectomy - Top SurgeryA double incision top surgery, also known as a bilateral mastectomy, is a chest masculinization procedure done for transmen and non-binary patients.

As the name implies, two incisions are created on the bottom border of the pectoral muscle or the chest area. The skin is then lifted to surgically remove the breast tissues underneath. Your plastic surgeon may recommend adding contouring with your double-incision top surgery as a preventive measure for dog ears, which refers to the excess skin and fat that develops on the side of the incision site. Performing FTM top surgery with contouring also achieves a more chiselled male physique.

In a double incision mastectomy, the nipples are removed to be resized and repositioned by grafting to suit the new masculine appearance of the chest.

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Keyhole Top Surgery Procedure

Keyhole Mastectomy - Top SurgeryKeyhole top surgery is a common type of female to male (FTM) top surgery procedure for transmen and non-binary patients. It’s a gender-affirming procedure performed on patients seeking a more masculine physique in the chest region.

How Does Keyhole Top Surgery Work?

A keyhole mastectomy is an outpatient surgical procedure that lasts approximately two to three hours. It’s a chest reconstruction technique that involves creating a tiny incision at the border of the areola. Through this small opening, the breast tissue is carefully taken out.

Keyhole top surgery in some cases may preserve the patient’s natural nipple sensitivity because, unlike other top surgery operations, the nipple stalk and the areola are left untouched.

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Double Incision Mastectomy

What is a Double Incision Mastectomy?

doublu-incisionThe double incision mastectomy is designed for persons with larger or overhanging breasts.

During the surgery there are two horizontal incisions, one below the breast and the other higher than the nipple. These are joined to create one scar on each side of the chest.

The areola/nipple complex is resized, removed and then grafted onto the chest in the desired position. They are protected with surgical sponges for at least 8 days.

The incisions are covered with surgical tape and can be washed with soap and water as usual. In fact, the whole chest...

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Periareolar (Keyhole Incision)

What is a keyhole mastectomy?

doublu-incisionThe keyhole or periareolar mastectomy is best for those with small breasts with limited or no overhang.

During this surgery the breast is removed through a small incision at the bottom of the areola. The nipple itself is left intact.

To allow the skin to contour to the chest, drains are inserted and brought out under each arm to collect any fluid that may want to accumulate under the empty skin. The drains maybe left in anywhere from two days to a week. During this time you may shower as usual. We recommend using a lanyard to hold the drains during your shower.

A surgical binder and dressings are applied. These may be changed periodically or adjusted for comfort. In three weeks you will be binder...