5 Daily Changes You’ll Have To Make When Becoming Male

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 25 July 2016

FTM procedures are not easy, especially when you consider how much people cling to gender roles, and how long it will take to adjust to seeing the new you, both for other people and yourself.

Daily Changes During Transition

As challenging as it may be, the transitioning period gives you the perfect chance to think about your new life, and to prepare for the changes you’ll have to make. When transitioning from a woman to a man, you can expect the following daily changes:

  1. Daily dose of testosterone

    Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for creating “male” physical traits, and is typically used for hormonal “masculinization” in FTMs. It works directly on your body tissues to stimulate clitoral growth and indirectly to suppress estrogen production, so your periods stop in about three months.

  2. Stop or cut down smoking

    Smoking considerably increases the risks associated with testosterone therapy. If you can’t stop or reduce your smoking habit, your testosterone levels will have to be kept low to avoid complications, which will in turn reduce the “masculinization” process.

  3. Increase in your drive

    After administering testosterone for some time, you will notice an increased sex drive. So, if you masturbate, this could become a top priority on your daily to-do-list.

  4. Complicated dressing routine

    It becomes tricky when you need to dress your body so it doesn’t look like the usual you. So, you may need a chest binder to help conceal those undesired boobs. Many trans men prefer to use Ace bandages to help flatten their chests, but this shoves all that fat into the stomach, resulting in loose skin all over the torso. Instead, you can use a sports bra.

    Second, you may need a prosthetic penis. Many trans men like to wear “packers” because they not only feel right, but also function like a real penis with a design that facilitates urinating. This “Pee-Cock” also comes with inserts that stimulate an erection!

    Third, you will need to make your male clothes work for you. You could use loose-fitting clothing to conceal your curves. Trans men with big butts like to wear binding pants – sort of like sports bras for the booty. To increase your height, you may put inserts inside your shoes.

Final note

You may also find yourself rejecting pink and some other bright colours, changing your car to something more masculine, and will start going to the men’s restroom. You can also start sharing in the joys of manliness or “macho” habits.

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