12 Transgender Friendly Meetups In Toronto

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 29 January 2018

Meeting other people can be hard, especially if you’re looking to connect with other transgender individuals. In Toronto, there is a vibrant LGBTQ2 community that you can associate with. To give you an idea of exactly how amazing this community is, here are 12 transgender friendly meetups in the city that you can check out:

Transgender Friendly Meetups

  1. Toronto Trans Connections: This is a membership group that is open to anyone who identifies as trans, their friends, and their allies. The goal of this group is to allow trans people to make friends, find dates, and simply have a good time.

  2. Dharma Friends: Through diverse buddhist teachings and mindfulness activities like silent meditation, Dharma Friends is open to all members of the LGBTQ2 community. Allies and friends are welcome too.

  3. Makeup Artists for Transgender Women: If you’re a makeup junkie or are looking for tips, this is the meetup for you. With professional makeup artists on hand, you have access to demonstrations.

  4. Toronto Transgender & Out: For trans people, allies, and friends, this group meets at various cafes, bistros, and restaurants across the downtown core. This group allows you to socialize with like-minded people and make friends in the process.

  5. Toronto LGBT Meetup: From board games to bookshops, this group is designed for people who want to meet others in the community while having fun.

  6. Coming Out Being Out: Share stories with other trans individuals who are going through the same struggles you are. This group is a safe space where you can connect with others and have discussions on everything from coming out to discrimination.

  7. Toronto Gay and Lesbian Friends Meetup: If you are a community member that owns your own business, then this is the meetup for you. Through networking events, you can connect with other business owners.

  8. LGBTQ Discrimination, Discussion, Friendship Support Group: You’ve probably experienced some kind of discrimination in you life and this meetup gives you a place to discuss your experiences and hear from others. You’ll also have a support system to get you through hard times.

  9. Women’s Coming Out Group: Inclusive to women of all ages, this meetup is a support group for those who are looking to connect with like-minded people.

  10. Toronto LGBT Women Meetups: This is a monthly meetup where community members and their friends can party with others who share their same ideals.

  11. The LGBTQ+ Collective: For all who want to be part of an inclusive community, the LGBTQ+ Collective helps you develop relationships and connect with others. This group is for people of all ages.

  12. Gay MISSISSAUGA: Not in Toronto proper but still in the GTA, Gay MISSISSAUGA encourages all members of the LGBTQ2 community to connect and hang out.

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