3 Signs You’re Ready for FTM Surgery

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 17 March 2014

Making the decision to undergo FTM surgery requires careful consideration of many different factors. Each person is unique and has different goals related to the process, but knowing if you’re ready for FTM surgery can be difficult for some.

Female To Male Transformation

There are various key indicators that can help guide you forward as you consider FTM surgery. Having a clear understanding of the procedure and realistic expectations of the outcomes will help you decide if you’re ready to make the transition.

Knowing if FTM Surgery is Right For You

One of the signs that you’re ready for FTM surgery is an internal belief that the decision is a right one. Many FTM candidates must face the ideas and judgments of their friends and family. But if you know that the procedure is right for you, despite what others may say, this is a clear sign that you can move forward.

Gender reassignment surgery is used to significantly alter the look of a person’s body. As a result, it can raise many fears and doubts that can be challenging to face. Having a clear resolve that it is right for you is one of the most important keys to consider.

But this decision is a result of a process that must take into consideration your family, friends, finances and other aspects of your life.

You Have Realistic Expectations of FTM Surgery

Any surgical procedure carries some risk. Understanding FTM surgery will allow you to have realistic expectations of the results you will achieve.

The risk of scarring, infection, and discomfort is common in surgery. If you know the risks and understand the recovery process, it will better prepare you mentally for FTM surgery.

Your doctor will be monitoring you for infections and ensuring that your dressings are appropriately maintained.

You Have a Clear Idea of Results

Knowing what results to expect will help prepare you for FTM surgery. It’s a good idea to research photographs of FTM surgery patients to get a sense of the results you’ll obtain from the procedure. Although each patient varies, you will get an idea of how the average chest looks after having the breasts removed.

Many doctors will provide you with before and after photographs of their previous procedures to ensure that you understand the results of the procedure.

FTM surgery allows you to develop more masculine physical characteristics, but the ultimate results will be unique to that person. So be sure to look at many different cases for a clearer idea of the results.

Understanding the FTM surgery procedure and knowing what results you should expect will prepare you for moving forward in the process. FTM patients come to the decision in their own ways and only you can determine when FTM surgery is right for you.

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