9 Things you May Need After FTM Chest Surgery

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 15 May 2015

FTM surgery is a major operation, and it requires about two weeks to recover. Even more importantly, you should try to stay near your surgeon for your post-op appointments. If you have a surgeon near your home, you can stay there. However, if you get surgery in another city, you may need an extended hotel stay.

After FTM

Whether at home or away, be sure to keep these items around:

1.Tylenol or Advil

Post-op pain is usually more moderate than severe. While your surgeon might prescribe you a pain reliever, you might feel better with a less drowsy over-the-counter pain medication.

2.Travel Pillow

You will spend a lot of time propped up and a travel pillow makes this easier on your neck.


Surgery, pain meds, and inactivity all by themselves, cause constipation. Put together and they cause some real problems.


Your arms will have a limited range of movement for the first week. A backscratcher helps make this less annoying.

5.Shower Supplies: Ponchos, Loofah Back Brush

If you’re careful, you can still bathe with grafts. You just have to make sure that no water gets into your graft sponges. When you do wash, be careful to protect your chest and scrub with a long back brush to get those hard to reach areas.

6.Lightweight, Loose Clothes

It will be a lot easier to put on clothes if they’re loose, and a lot more comfortable if they’re light. In addition, light clothes mean light luggage that is much easier to manage if you’re on the road.

7.Compression Garments

Compression garments help prevent scars and blood clots. Your surgeon will probably provide a garment for your chest. You should also buy compression socks to prevent clots from forming during extensive travel.

8.Hormones and Other Medications

Make sure that all your medications are laid out and easy to take.

9. A Big Stack of Movies

Even reading can be hard when your arms are weak. Watching TV and movies is probably going to be the best option for keeping your spirits up. Break out the old DVDs or even better, sign up for an online streaming service.

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