9 Most Famous Transitions

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 13 August 2015

From Loren Cameron to Isis King, there have been quite a few people who were born either male or female, only to come out as transgendered and start living as their true gender later in life.

Many of these trans people have gone on to become extraordinarily successful and accomplished in their chosen fields.

Some of the most famous transitions include:

  1. Isis King
  2. Isis King

    She was the first transgender model to compete in America’s Next Top Model during its 11th cycle. Afterwards, she appeared on the all-star edition of the same show, becoming a superstar of the reality TV and LGBT world. She has recently launched her own fashion line.

  3. Alexis Arquette
  4. Alexis Arquette

    The actress and musician has been a prominent Hollywood transgender activist for years. Best known for her work in movies like The Wedding Singer, Alexis was making waves as an LGBT spokesperson long before many of the stars on this list.

  5. Carmen Carrera
  6. Carmen Carrera

    She became famous after competing as a drag queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race in its third season. After the season came to an end, she disclosed to the public that she was transgendered, and started hormonally and physically transitioning.

  7. Lea T
  8. Lea T

    The Brazilian model became a household name after Riccardo Tisci – designer of Givenchy – hired her as his personal assistant and brand model. Riccardo also used her in his 2010 ad campaign. Since then, she has been featured in Interview Magazine and Vogue Paris.

  9. Amanda Lepore
  10. Amanda Lepore

    The NYC entertainer is one of the biggest transgender icons in the world, and is the muse of David LaChappelle.

  11. Balian Buschbaum
  12. Balian Buschbaum

    He was recognised as the second best female pole vaulter in Germany, in 2007, and only retired because of a persistent injury.

  13. Loren Cameron
  14. Loren Cameron

    The American author, photographer, and transsexual activist has worked on a variety of projects, including documenting his own physiological transition from female to male, and portraitures comprising lesbian and transsexual bodies.

  15. Ian Harvie
  16. Ian Harvie

    The American stand-up comedian usually uses his transsexuality as material in his performance. He has shared the stage with many notable celebrities including Margaret Cho, and is a celebrated fixture in the LGBT pop culture community.

  17. Thomas Beatie
  18. Thomas Beatie

    He first came to the limelight for being one of the world’s most visible “pregnant” men. He opted to retain his female sex organs because his wife could not conceive herself, but he could with donor sperm.

There are many more famous transitions of brave people who have openly proclaimed their transgender status in a not-always-accepting world, however now more than ever there are support systems in place for those transitioning. For more information on the process and what our clinic can do to help, contact our processional staff today.

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