How to know if you’re a FTM Candidate

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 8 January 2015

FTM top surgery is a life-changing event. You may have struggled with the decision to have chest reconstruction surgery for years and have finally decided it’s time to have the procedure.

FTM Candidate

FTM top surgery may be the final piece in your transition puzzle, and we are happy to help you understand if you are a candidate for this life-altering procedure.

Are you in good health, physically and mentally?

If you are unsure what your health status is, visit your family doctor for a complete physical evaluation. We will require this evaluation along with routine blood work to ensure that you are fit enough for surgery.

A psychiatric evaluation is not always required by surgeons in Ontario; however, FTM top surgery is a very positive experience that comes with new emotions. If you do not currently see a therapist, it may be a good idea to consult one before and after surgery to help you deal with any good and bad feelings you may encounter along your journey.

Do you smoke?

Although, we do not victimize against those who do, smoking can delay the post-surgical healing process and potentially cause complications. If you’re a smoker, no matter how heavy, it’s recommended that you cut back prior to your surgery. Quitting is of course optimal, so if you can, try and butt out for good.

What are you taking?

Most medications, including testosterone, do not interfere with FTM top surgery. In fact, you can take your testosterone right up until your surgery is performed.

There are medications and supplements that need to be avoided such as Vitamin E, ASA or ibuprofen for at least two weeks prior to your procedure. If any of these medications, supplements or others have been prescribed by your doctor, we will need this information.

What is your medical history?

Before FTM top surgery, we will need to know of any existing medical conditions or recent surgical procedures you’ve had. A condition like asthma is not harmful to the surgery, but we will need to know as much information as possible about your body before we proceed. If you have any allergies, not just to medications, we will require this info as well.

Are you at a healthy weight?

This refers to a weight that is ideal for your bodytype and bone structure. There is no ideal weight, but you may be asked to lose or gain a few pounds so as to not impact your surgery.

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