Everything You Need To Know About Adam’s Apple Reduction

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 27 March 2017

An Adam’s apple is a protrusion in the neck caused by thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx. It is usually far more prominent in men, leading to the popular belief that only men have Adam’s apples. In men, the bump is often very visible and can be easily palpated. Women also have a similar protrusion, however it is usually invisible and can hardly be felt. In men, the Adam’s apple tends to grow during puberty due to hormones.

Adam’s Apple Reduction

The point of cartilage forms to protect the vocal chords. The bigger size of male Adam’s apples leads to a deeper voice. Since the Adam’s apple is a prominent male characteristic, many people who are transitioning from male to female wish to minimize the appearance of the Adam’s apple to create a more feminine throat shape. Here are a few things to know about Adam’s apple reduction:

  • It’s a surgical procedure: During an Adam’s apple reduction, the thyroid cartilage around the larynx is shaved down to minimize the size. This requires a small horizontal incision in the skin.

  • It’s also known as a tracheal shave.

  • It can easily be combined with vocal chord surgery: During vocal chord surgery the pitch of the voice can be altered by tightening or loosening the vocal chords. This is a difficult procedure and should be thoroughly discussed with your surgeon before consideration.

  • Scarring is minimal: the incision is small, and internal stitches are usually applied.

  • It can dramatically increase self-confidence: Many people who are transitioning feel insecure and dislike the look of their Adam’s apple. Since the procedure is so easy, and yields great results, it can really increase self-confidence and happiness.

  • It can be part of other facial feminization surgeries: There are many procedures that can be performed to feminize the face, including rhinoplasty, cheek and lip augmentation, and brow lifts. Adam’s apple reduction can be performed alongside these procedures for an altogether more classically feminine appearance.

  • It’s not only for those who are transitioning: Cisgender men may choose to have their Adam’s apples reduced for comfort and appearance if they feel it is too protuberant.

  • It is sometimes performed under local anesthesia — without pain!

  • Recovery takes about two weeks: There may be some swelling and bruising around the incision, as well as difficulty swallowing and speaking. It is also recommended that the patient massage the site often to prevent scar tissue from forming around the larynx.

Overall, Adam’s apple reduction is a quick, easy, and virtually painless procedure that yields great results.

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