What’s The Difference Between Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation?

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 27 June 2016

At birth, we are assigned a sex based on our anatomy. For many people they feel like their biological sex matches who they are. For example, someone who is born female identifying as female. Conversely, many people do not identify with the biological sex they were assigned at birth. For people who are transgender, their given sex at birth does not match up with how they feel inside. It can be very confusing, no matter how old you are, to cope with these feelings. You think that you are gay or bisexual because you do not feel comfortable in your body and do not identify with your biological sex. Some people treat gender identity and sexual orientation as the same thing when in fact they are not. So, what is the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation? Gender Identity Gender identity is our innermost concept of self. We can…

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What’s The Recovery Like For FTM Top Surgery?

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 13 Jun 2016

FTM top surgery will give you the masculine or androgynous chest that you’ve always wanted. Like any surgical procedure you will need to make time to recover. However, recovery for FTM top surgery is easy on the body and mind if you adhere to your surgeon’s guidance. Rest The most…

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How To Decide If Top Surgery Is Right For You

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 6 Jun 2016

If you’re thinking of getting top surgery, you probably have many questions. You may also not be sure if this procedure is right for you. Many people prefer to bind while others are more comfortable having their breasts removed. If you’re unsure if top surgery is the right way to…

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What Is The Price Of Testosterone Without Insurance?

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 16 May 2016

There are many variables to consider when calculating the monthly cost of testosterone therapy, which can make it difficult to budget for a specific amount. The cost can actually fluctuate on a monthly or weekly basis as your therapist attempts to balance your dosages and concentrations. The involvement of insurance…

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Famous Examples Of Successful FTM Surgeries

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 2 May 2016

While many great examples of successful FTM surgeries remain unsung heroes for FTM patients, there are a few people who have sat in the spotlight. It’s natural to approach FTM surgery timidly as it’s a major life decision. However having inspiring role models and good examples of how FTM surgery…

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Four Inspiring Transgender Love Stories

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 25 Apr 2016

The transgender community can be inspired by the many transgendered couples who have found love and happiness with one another. While it can be challenging to locate transgendered love stories within the mainstream media, in which transgenderism is only just becoming widely understood, the online world is full of stories…

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