5 Daily Changes You’ll Have To Make When Becoming Male

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 25 July 2016

FTM procedures are not easy, especially when you consider how much people cling to gender roles, and how long it will take to adjust to seeing the new you, both for other people and yourself. As challenging as it may be, the transitioning period gives you the perfect chance to think about your new life, and to prepare for the changes you’ll have to make. When transitioning from a woman to a man, you can expect the following daily changes: Daily dose of testosterone Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for creating “male” physical traits, and is typically used for hormonal “masculinization” in FTMs. It works directly on your body tissues to stimulate clitoral growth and indirectly to suppress estrogen production, so your periods stop in about three months. Stop or cut down smoking Smoking considerably increases the risks associated with testosterone therapy. If you can’t stop or reduce your…

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3 Emotional Benefits Of Transitioning

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 18 Jul 2016

Making decisions about whether or not to proceed with transitioning is a major part of every transgender person’s experience. If you choose to transition, you must again decide the level to transition to. Making these decisions requires time and support. There are common fears of how you will be perceived…

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How To Legally Change Your Name In Canada

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 11 Jul 2016

One of the challenges faced by transgender people is that of changing their gender through the law. There are usually so many steps and processes involved before you can get your documentation amended to show your chosen name and gender. This can be much harder in some provinces than others,…

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5 Ways To Support Your Child Throughout Their Transition

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 4 Jul 2016

Most people don’t question why their gender identity does not match their body, but for those who do, this can either be a very difficult and confusing time or a very liberating and invigorating one. There are many different ways to be transgender depending on how comfortable the person feels.…

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What’s The Difference Between Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation?

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 27 Jun 2016

At birth, we are assigned a sex based on our anatomy. For many people they feel like their biological sex matches who they are. For example, someone who is born female identifying as female. Conversely, many people do not identify with the biological sex they were assigned at birth. For…

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