Is ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Inspiring Women To Transition?

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 27 August 2015

The world is constantly changing, and TV is no exception. Jenji Kohan’s Orange is the New Black, for instance, not only features an almost all-female cast depicting a broad spectrum of sexuality, race, and body types, but also includes a real-life trans lady of colour playing a trans character of colour – something that has never happened before on mainstream TV. This is a unique storyline focusing on the lives of transsexual folks. The first transgender black woman to have a big role on an American TV show, Laverne Cox, has accomplished a handful of firsts over the past few years from the time the Netflix hit first aired. To begin with, she’s the first transgender individual to be nominated for a prime-time Emmy, and she has even graced the cover of Time under the headline, “The Transgender Tipping Point,” implying that Cox’s success, not only as an actress, but…

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9 Most Famous Transitions

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 13 Aug 2015

From Loren Cameron to Isis King, there have been quite a few people who were born either male or female, only to come out as transgendered and start living as their true gender later in life. Many of these trans people have gone on to become extraordinarily successful and accomplished…

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4 Things You Didn’t Expect To Happen During Transition

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 5 Aug 2015

FTM procedures are not exactly easy, but the transition period can provide the perfect opportunity to reflect on your new life and all the fun things you’ll do with the new you. While most people prepare themselves for the actual surgery, the immediate recovery, and the long-term effects it will…

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Should I Shave my Chest Before Surgery?

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 31 Jul 2015

Many patients who are about to undergo cosmetic surgery wonder if they are expected to shave the area in question before the procedure. They feel that it will help their surgeon in the operating room and often indulge in this hair removal without consulting their surgeon or medical expert. Unfortunately,…

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Let’s Talk About Caitlyn Jenner

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 24 Jul 2015

In case you somehow missed all the buzz over the past few months, Caitlyn Jenner has been making headlines for the success of her Vanity Fair cover and overall positive lifestyle change. But what makes this one special? Once known as Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn announced earlier this year that she…

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How to Prevent Post-Operative Infections

Posted by Dr. Hugh McLean on 17 Jul 2015

One of the potential complications after surgery is post-operative infection. Throughout any surgical procedure there are a number of ways in which bacteria can enter the body: the incision site itself, catheters, breathing tubes, and drains. Because surgery is generally hard on the body, the immune system is often somewhat…

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