Dr. Hugh McLean
A Top Surgeon Specializing in

Top Surgery

How We Make The Surgery Easy

Easy FTM Top Surgery Our aim is to make it not only seem so but also be so! Surgery can be very fearful and cause a lot of anxiety in our lives but it doesn’t have to be this way. Our solution to this at the McLean Clinic is to make it as easy for our clients as possible to benefit from the procedures they really want.

Part of making surgery easy has to do with the client’s total experience at the McLean Clinic. We like to make it a surprisingly pleasant one from the moment you make the initial phone call up until you are on the beach enjoying your new body. Our carefully selected staff will make you comfortable and confident and help take the worry out of your experience.

Dr. McLean has adapted many of his procedures and developed innovative new techniques to make the actual surgical experience easier for patients:

Every component of your ftm top surgery at the McLean Clinic is made easy for you:

Arranging surgery and all your preoperative and postoperative appointments is simple and efficient. Our staff ensures our patients are well-accommodated with respect to scheduling as well as financing. We all work diligently in keeping clients informed. We make it a point to de-bunk fear-inducing myths of surgery and provide clients with realistic expectations with respect to incision, discomfort and bruising. Clients walk away with a renewed and more positive attitude toward surgery!

Dr. McLean is a fully certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience and is a member of the surgical staff of Trillium Health Centre. The clinic is a private facility specializing in cosmetic surgery, accredited by the CAAASF and the Ministry of Health.

It is one of the very few Licensed Independent Health Facilities in Ontario and is regularly inspected and regulated by accreditation. Only certified surgeons, anesthesiologists and registered nurses practice in the facility and you can look to them to create a safe and pleasant experience.

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